• Week 2: Endogenous growth theory, technology policy and the quest for ideas

    This post was suggested by my colleague Christos Genakos. Paul Romer recently was awarded the Nobel memorial prize in Economics for his work on endogenous growth theory (shared with Bill Nordhaus who conducted early work on the economics of climate … Continued

  • Week 1: Global competition over leadership in AI

    We discussed national competitiveness in R&D in our first lecture, which reminded me of a recent article in the Economist (and associated leader), which raises the question of whether Europe can claim a place in global leadership in Artificial Intelligence, … Continued

  • Week 0: Book review

    As a first effort at blogging on technology policy, I thought it would help to reflect on your favourite (or least favourite or most memorable) book that you read in the past year.  Ideally, this would be from the 2018-19 Tech Pol Summer reading list, but you … Continued

  • Welcomes and some initial logistics for our Technology Policy blog

    Welcome to our Technology Policy Blog for the new academic year. I will be teaching Introduction to Technology Policy.(and the Negotiations elective) this term as well as acting as ‘keeper of the blog’.  I am back after a sabbatical last year … Continued

  • Week 8: New corporate strategies

    What constitutes effective corporate strategy in a world of regulatory and technological uncertainty? It seems odd, given the premise of our course, to see an article in 2015 in Harvard Business Review suggesting that firms need an innovation strategy. One might … Continued

  • Week 7: Growth of the surveillance state

    Like many of the other issues discussed over the course of TP1, it is important not to overstate the novelty of our current circumstance.  The ability of the state (and non-state actors) to spy on citizens is hardly a historical … Continued