Algorithmic pricing

Christos has suggested this week’s topic of Competition and Algorithmic pricing. His suggestion is motivated by these two recent papers: Mackay and Brown (2021) ‘Competition in Algorithmic Pricing‘ and Assad et al (2020) on the use of algo pricing in German … Continued

Arm wrestle

Arm Holdings is the largest company in Cambridge, or at least it was until it was acquired shortly after the Brexit vote in 2016, by Softbank, the Japanese conglomerate. One reason Arm is not terribly well known (even in Cambridge!) … Continued

Regulating NFTs

Our ‘textbook’ discussion of how regulation can be justified was in the context of market failures.  Using this lens, most of the historical cases seem pretty straightforward (at least in retrospect!). But (how) should regulation address something novel like non-fungible tokens … Continued